Hi, I'm Sarah McKelvey, the contemplative cyclist, welcome to my site honoring and holding space for the art of moving meditation by bike, as well as delightfully celebrating a 10-year anniversary (as I became serious about cycling during my lucky 27th year, in 2010). These images of quiet contentment were taken up the "original route" (in Deer Creek Canyon outside Littleton, Colorado), easily accessible from where I live, during the time contemplative cycling matured, in active fruition of what I call "synch". CG Jung taught me to read life symbolically. Just after this sunny moment, I had a roadside encounter with a road sign: the word "clean" was written on it. It was like a road baptism. Clean mind, clean slate. I practice the art of pilgrimage by bike and still ride to transcend ordinary life. In other departments, I am a psychotherapist professionally, direct Center for Higher Consciousness in Centennial, Colorado, write for a blog, often about my cycling experiences, intend to keep publishing, and enjoy many creative pursuits and craftsthis season prioritizing yoga, botany, ecstatic dance, cooking, practicing mindfulness, wilderness immersions, and curating a collection of crystals, feathers, rocks, and shells. 


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"Avid Cyclists Culminate their statewide tour in Julesburg"

The Julesburg Advocate




Self-Supported Tours

Colorado: Corner-To-Corner                  (w/ Margaret Hunt)

Four Corners to Julesburg, CO

JULY 2013: 750 MILES

(30,000ft elevation gain)

Portland, OR to Ft. Bragg, CA

(w/ Gerry Newton)

Destination: Judy's ranch w/ Jack Dryden & Alex Martinez

AUGUST 2014: 550 MILES

Phoenix, AZ to St. George, UT

MAY 2015: 550 MILES

Littleton, CO to Crested Butte, CO and back

Destination: Crested Butte Wildflower Festival w/ Amber Lane

JULY 2015: 450 MILES

Los Angeles, CA to San Francisco, CA

Destination: Golden Gate Bridge and Marin County w/ Erich Harris


Orlando, FL to Ft. Myers, FL ferry to Key West, FL to Miami, FL

Destination: Naples w/ Rick and Deb McKelvey

MAY 2016: 375 MILES

Salt Lake City, UT to Bozeman, MT

through Tetons + Yellowstone

(partially w/ Johnny Hendricks)

AUGUST 2016: 500 MILES

Bar Harbor, ME to New York, NY


Destination: Brooklyn Bridge and Roosevelt Island/NYC w/ Stacy McKelvey, Olas Carayannis, & Adam Israel

Minor Tours &


Mountain Passes

Double Triple Bypass (Evergreen to Vail, CO; Vail to Evergreen, CO)

JULY 2014: 250 MILES (20,000ft elevation gain)

Triangle Tour (Littleton-Estes Park-Trail Ridge Road-Winter Park-Golden-Littleton, CO)

AUGUST 2014: 237 MILES (15,000ft elevation gain)


Nederland to Allenspark to Estes Park to Boulder, CO (w/ Johnny Hendricks)

JULY 2016: 85 MILES (5,000ft elevation gain) 

Vaya Con Dios (Littleton, CO to Woodland Park, CO via Mt. Herman and back)

JULY 2016: 131 MILES (8,000ft elevation gain)

Ghost Ranch (Ojo Caliente, NM to Abiquiu, NM and back)

MAY 2017: 100 MILES

Cayo Costa (Naples to Bokeelia, FL ferry to Cayo Costa, FL and back)

MARCH 2018: 125 MILES


Milner Pass (10,800ft)

Fall River Pass (11,800ft)

Iceburg Pass (11,800ft)

Willow Creek Pass (9,600ft)

Wind River Pass (9,100ft)

Berthoud Pass (11,300ft)

Guanella Pass (11,700ft)

Squaw Pass (9,800ft)


Mt. Evans (14,000ft)


Coal Bank Pass (10,600ft)

Molas Pass (10,900ft)

Red Mountain Pass (11,000ft)


Kenosha Pass (10,000ft)


Vail  Pass (10,600ft)

Loveland Pass (11,900ft)

McClure Pass (8,700ft)

Independence Pass (12,000ft)


Monarch Pass (11,300ft)

Trout Creek Pass (9,300ft)

Cottonwood Pass (12,000ft)

Pikes Peak (14,000ft)

Find information, routes, and maps for the Colorado Mountain Passes in "Road Biking Colorado: The Statewide Guide" (Michael Seeberg), an excellent resource I used to plan rides throughout the state.

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